For silver the preeminently important oxidation state in all of its ordinary chemistry Silver compounds include such familiar substances as silver chloride, silver bromide, and silver iodide.

The tal amount is quite small when compared with other metals, silver ornaments and decorations are found in royal mbs dating back as far as 4000 bc Silver is widely distributed in nature. Silverbearing ores may contain amounts of silver from a trace to several thousand troy ounces per avoirdupois ton, or about 10 percent. Practically all sulfides of lead, copper, and zinc contain some silver.

In similarity spite in electronic structures and ionization energies there are few close resemblances between silver on the one hand and copper on the other, natural silver consists of a mixture of two stable isotopes Like copper, silver has a single s electron outside a completed d shell.

copper, or zinc or a three combination, the silver bearing fraction of these ores is frequently recovered as a byproduct of copper and lead production, as long as a lot of the ores that contain silver also contain the important metals lead. Pure silver is then recovered from the crude fraction by a combination of smelting and fireor electrorefining.

Therefore, by the 1960s, however, the demand for silver for industrial purposes, actually the photographic industry, exceeded the tal annual world production. For recovery treatment and refining of silver, see silver processing Historically, a major use of silver had been monetary, in reserves type of silver bullion and in coins.

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Overconfident, I dismissed those warnings, and began using options in my account.

The very next day I made in two short days.

My long walk through the wilderness had begun.

You can reach AG atinfo@GoldPredict. AG is GoldPredict editor. His members receive frequent updates and commentary regarding the gold, silver, and mining sectors. Fact, at his heart, he is a technician and prides himself on making his analysis easy to understand through adaptive use and creative charting techniques. Whenever explaining how I lost the money she had entrusted to me, I had to break the news to my wife. That money could have paid off our mortgage. Considering the above said. Gold Predict Color Code. Over the next three years, I would contemplate giving up several times. So, she said.

This is the case. I was humiliated. My passion for trading triumphed…and I refused to quit.

We gave members the light green light to finish position building shortly after the Fed announcement. Prices make 4 5″ price lows throughout the intermediate trend, as described in the article explaining the ‘6 month’ gold cycle. However, we released an update to members, once prices were comfortably above that level. Once prices rallied back above the pivot high, it became evident that the Fed day spike lower in GDX was a fleeting affair. We just completed the second low…and from here, prices should advance nicely.

Silver and gold nearly always correlate -with their cycles matching closely.

Though it was long ago, the lessons I learned are still very fresh. The rough patch I went through forced me to become a better trader. Subsequently, a brand new cycle higher has just began. Prices should rally from here. While others, some learn from another’s mistakes, like me, need to do it the hard way. This is the case. The second low arrived at in September. At other times, greed and fear cloud our choices, sometimes it’s due to a lack of experience. That translates to roughly 360 in the HUI. Plenty of information can be found easily by going on the web. Remained above support, miners dropped slightly below their Thursday low of

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Non metals related posts.

The one about our usernames, the one about age and now the demographic survey. Yay or nay? Let me ask you something. Did you enjoy these nonsilver related threads and do you think they belong here on silverbugs, yay or nay? Ok, and now one of the most important parts. The demographics on the people that stack metals and the thought process behind username selection of people that stack metals gives us a nice look at the sociological and psychological mindset of a stacker. On p of that, rudyFelsh

I’ve seen lots of ‘non metals’ related threads here recently. My question.

This is an archived post.

You won’t be able to vote or comment

The good pics get loads of up votes and comments, and the bad ones are down voted off the page. With that in mind preferred method of payment, posts of you selling your silver are allowed, and shipping details are included in the post. Keeping silver within the community is encouraged. I like getting to know the members a bit better through these side discussions, this is the main sub I visit every day.

There has been more than one occasion where I have made tally off pic posts.

There has been more than one occasion where I have made tally off pic posts. Pretty sure the one about our usernames was me. Because this is the main sub I’m active in where I actually value peoples’ opinions. Because this is a solitary sub I’m active in where I actually value peoples’ opinions.

For instance, I agree that they shouldn’t become o commonplace. I agree that they shouldn’t become o commonplace. On p of this, pretty sure the one about our usernames was me.

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 silver pricesOther options for a daily closing silver price include floor end trading on COMEX at 30 PM EST each day, or the London AM or PM Fix.

The casual trader will find silver price charts useful for understanding global trends over a variety of time frames. The primary chart can be set to display candlesticks from single ticks to monthly timeframes. These ‘trend lines’ are based on highs and lows, off fixed calculations. Different charts interpretations are possible.

With gains and losses, this page provides closing New York silver prices, for the past 5 days. Make sure you scratch suggestions about it in the comment box. You should only use the ‘trend lines’ to develop ideas about the potential direction for silver prices because they shift as price moves. Trendlines for identifying areas of possible support and resistance update automatically on the alternative silver price trends chart. For the reasons stated above, PMBull chooses to use Access end Market trading on Globex each day for calculating daily silver price performance.

It gonna be noted that gold and silver prices quoted as per ounce are generally referring to troy ounces. Price Per Ounce with respect to silver bullion is typically a shorthand version for referencing Price Per Troy Ounce. There is a meaningful difference between the two and many sites, this one included, do not state that difference frequently enough. Here is the basic difference in a nutshell. Like Provident, dig deeper and you will find that some dealers, make it more explicitly clear by abbreviating Troy Ounce as Ozt in the specifications for various silver coins, bars and rounds. Then, the valuable coin listings are nice and the calculators are quite helpful. Do you know an answer to a following question. What was referenced on the typical silver web site? For more information on the difference, see the popular CoinTrackers Website where you can also find pricing on silver junk coins, melt value calculators, numismatic coins and other interesting tidbits.

Are silver prices up or down today?

The 45 minute break in New York Globex silver trading at 15 PM EST is a convenient point for establishing a daily closing price.a fixed closing price is )needed needed in order to report daily silver performance on any given day, while spot silver trades 24 hours. Certainly, you can also switch to UTC time, silver prices are displayed in your local time zone by default. In our opinion, this is the most ideal choice for tracking silver’s price per ounce because of its proximity to the Equity market close. Make sure you write suggestions about it in the comment box. The live nonflash chart begins streaming at 6 PM and shows Forex silver prices with an array of technical indicators, custom parameters and drawing tools. Volume bars are also included. It is also near the work end day.

The 24 Hour Kitco Silver Charts are another option in the submenu. This chart includes trading times for various exchanges globally on the bottom axis. They are quite useful for a very quick assessment of near term silver spot price trends. Without any set standard, this mix of variables, results in variations in reported pricing. With feeds comprised of quotes from multiple contributors, the market is fragmented and decentralized. You should take this seriously. Sites may also choose to display either the Bid or Ask price quote, if not specified. Daily closing prices can be reported at different times, in different time zones, since silver trades ’24 hours’ with an one hour break for Forex and a 45 minute break for Globex trading. Spot silver pricing is almost always expressed as silver price per ounce. Needless to say, complicating silver price charting further, Daylight Savings Time begins and ends at different times in different time zones. These popular and unique charts reflect 3 spot days silver price trends superimposed over a ’24hour’ period. Silver price quotes generally refer to troy ounces.

All silver prices and charts on PMBull are obtained through various third parties. Real time silver trading and are a reasonable price representation per ounce of silver, PMBull does not guarantee the accuracy, nor the timeliness, of any data presented on this site, while we believe they reflect current. Normally, please read our full Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer. PMBull ain’t responsible for prices displayed and nothing on this site going to be construed as a live quote for trading or investment purposes, nor as recommendations to buy or sell any investment. They are presented for informational purposes only.

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 mineralsSpinel group contains three subgroups or series.

There are almost 5000 minerals described so farTrying to familiarize ourselves with all of them would be a hopeless task. Eventually, luckily, this isn’t necessary if our goal is to understand how our home planet works and what is it created out of. Considering the above said. Each series has one important mineral that also gives name to the series. They are all structurally similar but differ in composition. So, they are the minerals that are described below. A well-known fact that is. Mineral is a naturally occurring crystalline solid with a definite composition.

Native elements are rare in the crust. Graphite is them most common and forms sometimes significant parts of rocks. Other native elements are found in small quantities and they are often very valuable mineral resources. Only three halides are common minerals. Considering the above said. Halides are minerals where anion is among the halogen elements. With that said, halite and sylvite are very common evaporites and fluorite is a regular hydrothermal mineral.

Oxides are compounds of oxygen and one or more metal cations.

There are two garnets subgroups. With that said, oxides typically do not form rocks major part but they are very widely distributed. Ugrandites are brownish and occur mostly in calc silicate rocks. Pyralspites are reddish and occur in ‘aluminumrich’ metamorphic rocks or igneous rocks. Keep reading. Oxygen is the most abundant chemical element in the crust but much of it is already tied up in silicates. Rocks that contain high concentration of oxide minerals are possible metal ores.

Carbonates are an important group of minerals that are most widespread in sedimentary environments, evaporite deposits, and hydrothermal veins. Sulfur and graphite are the most common non metal native elements in the crust. These are environments where carbon dioxide is generally available to form the fundamental building block of carbonate minerals the carbonate ion. Actually, diamond is very rare. Just keep reading! It is definitely no rockforming mineral but I reckon it is appropriate to include it here because diamond is highly sought after jewel and important for industry because of its extreme hardness.

Aluminum silicates’ andalusite, kyanite, and sillimanite share identical composition but differ structurally.

They are metamorphic minerals that transform from one form to another with changing pressure and temperature.

Hydroxides are common minerals that occur as fine grained aggregates which are often mixtures of several minerals. With that said, hydroxides are very common minerals in soil. Limonite, as an example, isn’t a distinct mineral species because it contains several finegrained minerals, lots of them hydroxides.

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Despite a hiccup in this year’s turnaround for the miners, there are several ‘smallcap’ precious metals producers who are seeing strong output from their mines already this year.

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Beyond maintaining a strong production profile in both gold and silver, Coeur has also gotten leaner and more efficient. This downturn was not limited to the precious metals, as commodities all actually had taken a beating amid a highly deflationary global market. a bunch of 2016 is very kind to precious metals miners. Nevertheless, the resurgence in gold and silver prices have provided some ‘much needed’ support for an industry that was mired in a devastating ‘threeyear’ slump.

Impressively, CDE share prices have climbed 122% so far this year.

This translates into nearly 560 metric nnes of silver and more than 7 gold tonnes.

Take, as an example, Harmony Gold Mining, which has a modest share price that typically hovers under billion. Then, The company produces around 18 million ounces of silver and more than 226400 gold ounces annually, in consonance with its corporate website. Its operations in, Coeur also has mines in South America and Australia. Normally, the company operates mines in both South Africa and Papua New Guinea, both countries known for their vast natural resources.

In the fiscal year 2015, Harmony was the third largest gold producer in South Africa with 08 million ounces of gold output. Not surprisingly, shares of HMY are up an incredible 280percentage yeartodate. This also placed HMY a solid 12th on earth regarding the gold production. After increasing its overall production last each three quarters, Harmony is now even exceeding its own annual guidance thus far in It expects to ramp up its gold output to 1 million oz by this end year. It also boasts mineral reserves taling 426 million oz and provable resources that are above 110 million oz.

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The question is. Have you ever had a few leg cramps and figured, I just get those from time to time? They are only a small health piece puzzle, while these ols are handy. What about poor fingernail growth or restless nights? Today there is an array of apps and programs out there that emphasize macronutrient tracking and calorie counting. Thereality is that they are your body’s way of alerting you of potential bigger problems, while these daily observances can be easily written off when it doesn’t interrupt your busy day.

Heavily relying on them for your tal nutritional care risks putting your body in a precarious situation bycausing you to lose sight of micronutrients, vitamins and minerals that play an important role in keeping your body healthy and functioning.

That shouldn’t stop you from learning about plenty of deficiencies and their potential warning signs, while top-notch way to know your mineral levels is to take a blood test.

Naturally, we made a list. That being said, be wary of processed, fortified foods and over dangers consumption of certain micronutrients and the harmful effects thereof. According to the Mayo Clinic, It’s highly recommended to get your minerals from eating whole. Greater because nutritional value. And phytochemicals.

Of all, don’t speak to us in that ne of voice. Subscribe to the blog and you’ll get a ping when it goes live. Second of all. Part 2 is coming soon! The posts on this blog are for information only, and are not intended to substitute for a doctor patient or other healthcare professional patient relationship nor do they constitute medical or healthcare advice of any kind. Let me tell you something. Any information in these posts should not be acted upon without consideration of primary source material and professional input from one’s own healthcare professionals.

Join the WellnessFX team as we discuss the latest in health and wellness, including fitness, nutrition, industry trends, personal systems biology and measurement practices.

And, get practical advice on how you can take control of your health. For example,, get practical advice on how you can take control of your health. Oftentimes join the WellnessFX team as we discuss the latest in health and wellness, including fitness, nutrition, industry trends, personal systems biology and measurement practices.

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silverPM’s generally are a perfect investment, fiat currencies NEVER last, however it’s a fools errand the think the registered, unregistered, allocated, ‘nonallocated’ self reported COMEX numbers mean a damn thing, Throw in the worthless backward looking commitment of traders report and you can spend a lifetime trying the striving the parse numbers that are nothing more than an illusion.

And now here is a question. Oolong Tea, anyone? GLD and SLV will take a serious beating, one that might continue even after the fraudsters in NY get the work at sunrise on the East Coast. The PM market was very lively, ‘post BREXIT’.

Abolish fraudulent paper markets which the elite manipulate the establish false prices. Start anew by creating a non profit national banking system based on real assets like gold and silver, the serve people’s financial needs. While the world deals with BREXIT ramifications leavevote, the COMEX Registered Silver Inventhe ries reached a brand new record as it pertains the leverage. Matter a fact’, owners number per ounce of Registered Silver is higher than gold.

silver He might be on the something, if he means options.

Depleting the Registered Silver sthe cks, speculation was at the time that industry and investhe rs were acquiring at lot of silver. In April 2011, the tal Registered Silver Inventhe ries fell the a low of 264 Moz as the tal open interest was approximately 750 Moz. Online info can be found easily by going on the web. Look at how much a small investment in Priceline puts on Thursday afternoon would have netted you by Friday afternoon. Generally, the Registered Silver Inventhe ries are at the lowest level in more than a decade at 233 Moz, as we can see in the chart above. Something is the tally different this time around. If we look at what is taking place the day, the leverage is even higher. We multiply the open interest by 5000 oz, in order the get the tal open interest in ounces.

Lastly, I am hearing through several sources that Chinese are not only acquiring lots of silver for industry, they are now buying silver for investment. If the Chinese start really buying and trading silver, it will be interesting the see how things unfold this year.


Silver inventhe ries at the Shanghai Futures Exchange increased from a low of 5 Moz in August 2015 the over 60 Moz currently, as I stated in previous articles, this was the case after silver price peaked and fell the 14 in 2015, Registered Silver Inventhe ries grew from 264 Moz the over 70 Moz last year. Now please pay attention. If industrial silver demand is weaker, why hasn’t the COMEX Registered Silver Inventhe ries increased? Of course now that the previous franchise CHINA holder MEME has been buried at sea, seems Stever wishes the grab the mantle -of the west’s best crooner of Ali Baba type Asian Affairs.

Well, reason part may be due the Chinese who are now sthe ckpiling silver. Why would Registered Silver Inventhe ries continue the decline since the year beginning while Registered Gold Inventhe ries move up much higher?

Most here at ZH would never consider buying and holding GLD or SLV. What are their motives, exactly the same way Stever here DOES NOT understand the mechanics gold/silver trade = who sets the market price and where does it all lead. They are nothing but HSBC and JPM bankster fraud ridden scams. With that said, holding physical in your own possession is the only answer for PM investhe rs.

Tis a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

One of which we’ve seen just this past weekend -with a local example CT sthe ryline rep steppin in it big time when panicked by my SGE exposure myth. Little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. Normally, guys with a smattering of understanding about the world o gold -and a surfeit of desire the see the facts about that world suppressed -spend an inordinate amount of time here and elsewhere bullshittin the most of us bout stuff that they simply do not understand. Just a couple of lil problems with his scoopin the KROWN as Clown East Prince however.

The situation for COMEX Registered Gold has calmed down quite a bit as its inventhe ries have risen the 7 million oz from a 89000 low oz in a little more than six months. Registered Silver Inventhe ries have hit a really new record of 44 owners per ounce, while owners per oz of Registered Gold have dropped dramatically. While Registered Gold Inventhe ries move significantly higher, why have egistered Silver Inventhe ries continued the decline? Needless the say, what is even more interesting is that when silver price increased from its lows in 2009 the a high of

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silverBeatles guitarist George Harrison described the song in 1969 as one of those instant whistlealong tunes which some people hate, and other people really like.

It’s kind of a drag because Maxwell keeps on destroying everyone like his girlfriend then the school teacher, and after that, finally, the judge, It’s a fun song. Although, maxwell’s hammer. Maxwell with a silver hammer. It’s a well lennon described it as more of Paul’s granny music. McCartney said that the song merely epitomises life downfalls, in 1994 as I was beginning to make sure at that time in my entire life. This is the case. It was needed for scanning. We still use that expression now when something unexpected happens.

Recording began at Abbey Road Studios on 9 July John Lennon, who had been absent from recording sessions for the previous eight days after being injured in a car crash, arrived to work on the song, accompanied by his wife, Yoko Ono, who, more badly hurt in the accident than Lennon, lay on a large double bed in the studio.

When McCartney recorded a solo on a Moog synthesiser, the song was completed on 6 August. So, sixteen rhythm takes track were made, followed by a series of guitar overdubs. Just keep reading! The unused fifth take can be heard on Anthology Over the following two days the group overdubbed vocals, piano, Hammond organ, anvil, and guitar.

Left off because of time constraints, the song was written in October 1968, intended for the album The Beatles.

Road manager and Beatle associate Mal Evans participates by providing the anvil hits. Remember, john Lennon is shown to be participating on electric guitar despite not featuring on the recording for Abbey Road anyway. The film features two brief rehearsal takes compiled gether showing the band’s progress on the song up to that point in time. It was rehearsed again three months later, in January 1969, at Twickenham film studios during the Get Back sessions but would not be recorded for another six months.

Child star Jack Wild recorded a version of this song for his first studio album, The Jack Wild Album.

Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, the song is performed by comedian Steve Martin, who portrays the character Maxwell Edison. The English indie rock band Let’s Wrestle covered the song for the 2009 Mojo compilation album Abbey Road Now! In the 1978 film Sgt. Generally, canadian band, The Bells. Abbey Road album. I’m sure you heard about this. Frankie Laine also covered the song as musical part documentary All This and World War II, which featured stock and newsreel footage of the Second World War set to performances of music by The Beatles.

In his 1969 Abbey review Road, John Mendelsohn of Rolling Stone magazine observed that in Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, McCartney celebrates being joys able to bash in the heads of anyone threatening to bring you down. It went on for fucking weeks.

Essentially, it was the worst track we ever had to record. Generally, the only arguments were about things like me spending three days on Maxwell’s Silver Hammer. Besides, robert Christgau referred to the song as a McCartney crotchet. Eventually, it was ‘earlydays’ Moog work and it did take a bit of time. McCartney recalled. Harrison characterised the song as fruity and commented we spent a hell of a bunch of time on it, and later after a while, we did a good job on it. Actually, starr added retrospective input on the finished result in a Rolling Stone article from The worst session ever was ‘Maxwell’s Silver Hammer. Whenever adding later I hate it, ‘cos all I remember is the track, lennon said I was ill after the accident when they did quite a few that track, and it really ground George and Ringo into the ground recording it. Nevertheless, george saying, ‘You’ve taken three days, it’s only a song. Other than the composer, none appear to have fond memories of their work on the song, The recording subsequently drew comment from the entire band. I want to get it right.

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What does this mean?

Though first -in order to better understand the plan -you’ll want to understand Jeff’s keep it simple approach to investing in gold and silver, plus other precious metals and natural resources. You only get positions really like this when there’s significant illegitimate activity going on -not when normal producers and consumers trade based on supply and demand. Then, it would take a full ‘halfyear’ of dedicated silver production to cover these short positions. There’s no way these short positions represent a legitimate hedge against future price fluctuation -and that’s why the CFTC was ordered to shut this down.

The sticky fingers that been holding silver’s price down will start to pull market out, with JPMorgan leading the charge.

Multiple markets are all pushing upward on silver’s price. Right now I’m seeing a strong case developing for silver’s price to triple -taking the spot price from just above 60. We’ll likely see a mania pushing silver’s price up well into ‘triple digit’ gains. Furthermore, the pressures pushing the price up might be unleashed. There are two big reasons why that push could get a lot harder, as I’ll share below.

Though not all bullion dealers are equal.

In fact, there are only four silver dealers in the world that was vetted by the Casey Research team to actually give you a reasonable price on silver. In the special report, Your 3 Part Plan for Playing a Move to Silver special report.

For over a quarter of a century, legendary investor and best selling author Doug Casey and his team at Casey Research been helping ‘self directed’ investors to earn superior returns through innovative investment research designed to take advantage of market dislocations.

Learn below why he thinks this is only the initial stage -and how to get in on the next move. One of this expert’s current silver stock picks has beaten silver’s gains by 5X since the November 2008 low. This means if you’d put silver worth today. Mainverbmainverb28116 today.

If we see silver triple soon, there’s every reason to believe this is just first pace. In my Gold Silver Daily email newsletter, you can rely on me to keep my eyes on the gold and silver markets, to identify patterns that may predict big price swings, and share news that affects your wealth and freedom. Fact, this stock is in an ideal position to outpace silver on every increase.

Let me tell you a bit about Jeff’s recommendation that he thinks is set to gain most from silver’s big move up.

As I said, Jeff and his team are watching the market closely. If you respond per my instructions below, Jeff and his team could be sure to update you as soon as this stock is a go. You already know that it’s outpaced silver by 5X since the November 2008 low. Now regarding the aforementioned fact. That’s just story part.

Not only that -there’s reason to believe silver’s price spike may be triggered soon. Diversify across other silver, gold, and related investments because this opens you up to many sources of gain on every move up in silver’s price -and because it protects you from putting downside risk your personal eggs in one basket. Usually, well, if you read below, you’ll discover the new policy CFTC out that’s about to make it a lot harder to profit from ‘short selling’ silver -and why this may trigger a silver price frenzy similar to the 1979 1980″ silver spike. Through my work with GATA and in my daily newsletter, I address stories of short selling and techniques edging on market manipulation by the major bullion banks.

We only have to look back to 1979 1980 to the last time the CFTC ok a serious look at shortselling and manipulation in the silver market to see what scenario is likely to play out.

In just a few months, from late 1979 into early 1980, silver shot from 48 -that would be from 144 in today’s dollars. The special first part report, Your 3 Part Plan for Playing a Move to to in a choppy market, what goes up also must come down, and silver fell below -though when you try it today, you’re locking in a price of just Silver report, and they’ll take it from there. It’s easy to order.

Jeff is a disciplined investor.

Market signals are saying in the coming months we may see a rush into silver like we haven’t seen in a long time. He’ll only give you a recommendation if it’s rooted in true value and sound investment principles. For example, his recommendations are always based on well researched facts -and never pure speculative plays. This is the case. Investors flood into and silver out market with irrational exuberance -and because the market’s small, silver’s price swings big, when these spikes happen. Although, follow Jeff and your wealth is guarded while you’re able to take advantage of market moves -like the spike I see coming in the silver market -to grow your portfolio.

I don’t want to get ahead of myself. Second is the Fed’s proinflation quantitative easing policy. Therefore, what’s going on in the market that supports a case for a big move up in silver? That said, is what we can call the ‘supply demand’ tightrope act. Let’slet uslet us take a look at where we’re at now, and answer the question. Also, let’slet usshall we look at each -and why gether they support a strong case for a steep increase in silver’s price.

Investors, for one, are driving demand for silver.

Well, more and more investors are being turned on to silver for this very reason -and the investment market for silver is growing at a rapid rate. Silver’s long been known as poor man’s gold -a way to invest in precious metals without the high cost per ounce gold brings. Net investment demand for silver is up 622percentage since just 2007. What once acted as a guarantee for future delivery of silver bullion -and a convenient way to own silver -has now come into question. Both individual and institutional investors are growing unsettled about their paper silver contracts.

Some estimates peg physical actual quantity silver at ’13’% of all outstanding contracts. This means that if everyone with a silver contract showed up to take physical delivery tomorrow, at least 97 100 out contracts would have no silver to back them up. JPMorgan – the pack leader -has notified the traders on its prop trading desk that their jobs are in jeopardy -a good sign they’re shutting the doors on the operation before the house crumbles. It appears Da Boyz have gotten the message.

He now tracks the market forces behind them, after years working in the field on mineral claims.

He has a ‘in the trenches’ precious understanding metals industry no Harvard or grad will ever have -he knows the metals, the industry, and the market from the inside out. Then, while he’s been bullish on silver for years, he agrees that there’s something big going on in the silver market at the moment.

You should’ve been, if you’re not familiar with Casey Research. There’s good reason why I chose to associate with them for my Gold Silver Daily email newsletter. In BIG GOLD, Jeff won’t recommend you start playing the high risk fields of options, futures contracts, or junior mining companies that have yet to prove they can pull a single profitable ounce of metal from the ground.

It wouldn’t surprise me to see as much as half that action in silver’s price -more than triple today’s price on silver -once Da Boyz are way out and a mania has ensued, with similar factors in play today.

If it goes higher, that wouldn’t surprise me much either. The imbalance is getting worse. Of course, investors been compounding the ‘supply demand’ tight rope act by flooding into silver in the past couple years. When silver prices hovered around

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